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Exposure To A Description Essay
Exposure To A Description Essay
A description essay is the most used form of expressing ideas, especially among school and college students. It methodically translates structured events like instructions into clear, concise write-ups that become easy to understand and follow. The focus is on the topic and the sequence is logical and in order. You need to get exposed to these useful methods of writing.
If the reader can experience and identify with what is being conveyed, you probably have written a good essay. An event cannot be appreciated unless the reader can be in it. The five senses need to be aroused. Explanations should be so precise and descriptive that a mental image of the event is created. It could be describing a person, place, speech, or anything that could be explained sequentially.
Letting your imagination run wild is not such a bad idea in this case. Experience the event in your own mind and your creativity will establish a written picture as vivid as the event itself. A reflective essay then becomes exciting.
Essays are normally small and are written in about 500 words. This makes it difficult to elaborate too much. Write a number of descriptive essays that talk on the same topic. This would give a clearer picture. Care has to be taken though to make it interesting and novel for a reader. For example, you could write an archaeology essay about a place and describe the various landmarks found later in separate essays. This would encourage a reader to read all of them.
The more you write, the better you get. Added motivation is the fact that your narrative essay could win you prizes, if you enter contests. So practice and you will be surprised how well you can write.
Describe your story in the form of a drama. It is always more pictorial. A story can get boring if unnecessary details are added. Take care not to do that. The best way to practice is take a sample essay from the internet and rewrite it in your own way taking care you do not give in to plagiarism. Practice will make you better.
Examples provide the best explanation. Always provide common examples that a reader might have come across before. This helps in connecting relating to the current topic description.
Vocabulary plays a major role in writing an informative essay. For example, if you were to use the word “watched,” a reader would probably continue without any anticipation. But if you were to use vocabulary like “gazed in amazement” or “eyes popped out in amazement and bewilderment,” it would excite a reader.
Follow the principles of an essay. Provide an introduction, the body, and then a conclusion. Interest is generated by your introduction. The body has to logically and descriptively explain and justify the thesis statement, and the reader finally should accept the conclusion of your description essay.

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