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An Expository Essay You Can Use
An Expository Essay You Can Use
An expository essay explains a writer’s point of view about a certain subject. It can be an interpretation of a news item, a description of an episode that can explain what happened. The writer has the liberty to tell his own story or expose the story in a way that would be able to make the matter clear to others.

The essay at first has to have all the ingredients complete in terms of how much it has been able to cover a certain subject. You have to have the essay complete in all aspects. It can start with the introduction which introduces the topic. In this case the topic has to be clear to the reader. It should convey the entire story in a line or two so that the reader can anticipate what lies ahead on reading further.

The body of the essay then elaborates on the topic is a very fluid and continuous manner. It can have many points and sub points distributed over the essay that explain the various conditions in which the incident has occurred. A narrative essay has the same capability. The difference is that an expository essay has the capability to be a little more vivid in its description. A good essay has the ingredients to be more elaborate and precise in its explanation.

Custom written essays can be written to describe a rare incident which normally would not have too much research backing it. The writer uses imagination to complete the essay. In this case, the essay should follow all the norms of good writing wherein the arguments and justifications are spread across the essay in a very clear manner. You can have several arguments and should be able to justify each one of them in connection to the whole story linking them appropriately throughout the essay.

A very good example would be a personal experience essay where you can write about what happened to you in a very clear and vivid manner. You would not need any reference except perhaps to jot down all the points about a certain incident. You can then elaborate on the incident in a manner that can justify all the points put across in the essay.

Similarly, an informative essay informs about an incident without taking sides or is just a clear explanation about what has happened through the eyes of the writer. It does not deviate too much from explaining about the incident. There is a distinct difference here between what can be a opinion essay and the role of an explanatory essay. This has to be understood as you go ahead and decide upon the type of essay to be written.

Finally, the lasting impression of a clearly written essay has to be taken into consideration. You can write a story which elaborates and explains, but you cannot take an unbalanced view of the incident. The essay should take both sides of an argument and write about the merits and demerits. It can then take the correct stand about the topic to convince a reader to agree to the point of view expressed. When this happens, you could consider the essay to be a good expository essay.

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