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Persuasive Essay On Abortion
Persuasive Essay On AbortionA Persuasive Essay On Abortion

A persuasive essay on abortion can be a detailed write-up on the condition of abortion or how a young mother first discovers unwanted pregnancy and circumstances which lead to abortion. A story can be built around the condition and then elaborated through a persuasive essay. The writer has to take a stand on whether abortion is to be accepted or not. Some may argue that a woman has full right over her own body and the choice of whether to go in for abortion or not should be hers. Others may be of the view that abortion is not right under any circumstances. It is not the child’s fault, and an extreme view may consider abortion sin or murder.

Abortion has been in existence since ages. The process was crude and painful. It is important to note that abortion has always been a controversial topic through the ages. It has been in existence for centuries and in the year 1967 became legal in some countries like the UK. Pregnancy was kept a secret to avoid shame and social stigma. Methods used for abortion were therefore secretive and crude. Women used herbs, poison, and resorted to painful surgery which were conducted in unhygienic conditions. Access to poison in the 1800s meant a visit to the pharmacy. A persuasive essay on abortion should mention that there were no regulations monitoring the disbursement of drugs at the time.

In countries like India, abortion was done by trained midwives. It was common to see one in villages and towns as well. A persuasive essay outline must include a note on the stigma that was attached to abortion. Imagine an operation being conducted by one such midwife in a secluded place under unhygienic conditions. Local anesthesia and medicines to prevent a septic condition was rudimentary. In the United States plants like black cohosh, snakeroot, or Seneca were used to terminate a pregnancy.

People have strong views on abortion basically on moral grounds. Religion has a big role to play in this regard. Abortion has been and is one of the most debated persuasive essay topics simply because governments have had to fight against public opinion against it. When it was finally made legal, abortion was linked to population control in many countries.

Abortions in the modern age can take place in a National Health Service take hospital or in a private clinic. Majority of the women in the UK have the right to choose whether to go in for an abortion or not. It is usually funded by the NHS. Where it is still illegal like in Northern Ireland, women travel to other countries to have an abortion.

Modern society is more tolerant towards abortion and has accepted it as a necessary evil to prevent overpopulation. A good viewpoint would be to have fewer children but those that are loved and accepted in a family. Income and social bearing should not have a role to play in deciding how big or small the family should be. The persuasive essay on abortion can end with a note that society must create an environment where a small happy family would be accepted and respected.

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