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Personal Experience Essay
Personal Experience Essay
A personal experience essay has to be a detailed explanation about how an incident or event was experienced by an individual. This is an easy exercise which most students would have attempted in school. Very often, assessors need to understand how students can express themselves about an event in their own words. It gives them an idea of the knowledge they possess in terms of their vocabulary, style of writing, sentence structure, and descriptive skills. Students improve developing essay writing skills in time. It is not much different than studying or grasping the fundamentals of other subjects. Paying attention to details and remembering the event is vital in recreating a pictorial view of it.

Summarize all that was seen in the form of points that can be recollected. The exercise should be completed soon after the event. It has to be fresh in the mind. The longer the delay, more are the chances of losing out on tidbits that one would otherwise have remembered. Thoughts that are fresh in our minds can be remembered as it happened in pictorial form.

Jot out the most important points on paper. It is often noted that by writing them down, one tends to remember missing links in a personal experience essay. One thing leads to another, and soon, the entire event is as clear as day.

Format the essay before entering data. Once students get into a brainstorming session, they should not have to bother about how to enter data into a template. By getting a template ready as per formatting guidelines, they can spend enough time focusing on writing the finer details of the episode. It would be a good idea to regulate the number of words that can be entered into the template. Students would know exactly when to stop writing.

Develop a style of writing that is unique and original. While explaining an event to our friends, we do not tend to care too much about the vocabulary we use. Similarly, while writing an essay, students should use conversational language. It would help, if they would have spent some time practicing on their vocabulary. A unique style of writing is appealing. It also has a better chance of getting across to readers.

Refer to essay examples that have been written by other students. The school library is the ideal source to gather such examples. Reading through them, one would understand writing techniques, referencing techniques, and a narrative style of writing. Though referencing is good, students must learn to develop their own style. It comes with practice and by improving vocabulary.

Remember the most important aspect of the event and then build a personal experience essay around it. Most events are remembered for one striking moment that took place during the event. Build around that moment. To attract readers to the essay, include this one important moment in the essay statement. It would help attract the most relevant readers who would like to read further. Story telling is an art that is developed by imagining the event in our minds. The characters and storyline are built around it.

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