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Persuasive Essay Techniques
Persuasive Essay Techniques
Persuasive essay techniques are essential skills for writers to maintain in their toolkit. It is applied when they have to write persuasive essays. It is a difficult art, and writers take a long time to master the skill. Most of them learn with practice. They publish their essays to small audiences to get a feel of what is required to get across to them. Others just carry on till they get the right balance through changes made in approach and style of writing. Success is indicated through an increased amount of readers interested in the essay. Though these are excellent techniques and are long-lasting once mastered, it takes a long time to acquire these skills without help. Students do not have too much time to spend on an assignment. The ideal way to go about it is to understand the persuasive essay techniques.
The first exercise one should complete is to prepare a persuasive essay outline format. The outline would contain the essential content to be included in the essay. Students have to consider the essay topic, essay statement, and the arguments in support or against the essay statement. To arrive at the arguments, students need to perfect the techniques through persuasive essay prompts.
Repeating a point at crucial junctures in the essay establishes its importance to readers. For example, the essay statement might comment on exercise being important to maintain good health. The statement can be emphasized at various different locations in the essay through support statements. All these statements must connect to suggestions on how to maintain good health through regular exercise. Refer to persuasive essay examples for better understanding.
Talking of controversial topics helps in generating interest among readers. It is not necessary for readers to present all the arguments in support or against the essay statement. The most important arguments would suffice in getting the attention of readers. Attracting them to the essay statement and then presenting them with strong arguments that lead to a logical conclusion would work if readers are allowed to participate in a debate. Though it might not seem practical in an essay, arranging the arguments in a sequence allows them to contribute with their own point of view. It often helps in getting them to agree to the writer’s point of view at the end of the essay. Essentially, attracting readers to the essay is very important.
Using action words help in getting a message across. Consider the statement, “Implemented a time schedule for the dissertation project, resulting in 25% reduction in total time taken to complete it with no negative impact on the quality of the dissertation.” This is an ideal action statement which could be used to convince readers. For the sake of simplicity, use this formula: Action Verb + What Was Done And How + Achievement. Whenever persuasion is required, this simple formula always works.
Using emotional stirrers like joy, excitement, fear, and curiosity help in attracting more readers towards your essay. Good writers learn to use persuasive essay techniques by establishing a balance between using such emotions and maintaining a neutral stand while presenting a persuasive essay.

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