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Using Persuasive Essay Prompts To Your Advantage
Using Persuasive Essay Prompts To Your Advantage
Using persuasive essay prompts is a common feature while writing essays in school. Often teachers themselves offer you the prompts to help you start on the right note. However, you may need some additional help like a persuasive essay example to really show you how you could write persuasive essays, dissertations, and research papers. The way you attempt writing essays would decide your confidence level. Prompts help you reach the next level.
The main aim of using prompts is to be able to convince readers about your point of view. This is sometimes a difficult job when you run out of ideas. There are other practical instances like when you have to convince assessors of qualities you possess for a particular position or assignment. It could be getting admission to a college of your choice or trying to complete a project in time. Using persuasive essay prompts would prove to be very useful. Some examples have been listed below.
To establish a link between reasoning and the argument you place, you might have to use logic that is beyond doubt. The use of such logic in your essays becomes a great prompt for you to use. Your line of thinking helps in convincing readers.
While establishing rapport with readers, you would convince them with arguments at every stage. These would have to be backed by solid proof. For a persuasive essay, you would back the argument with statistics, quotes, personal experiences, and research backed by white papers.
You must have balanced viewpoints on any topic, approaching persuasive essay topics from different angles. Each time, analyze a point that establishes the thesis statement and try and find a counter for any argument you feel would be raised against your point of view.
Solid proof has to be backed by descriptive and pictorial representation to convince readers about a line of thinking. You could use a persuasive essay graphic organizer to establish connection between your argument and the justification you place to support it.
At every stage, a combination of pictures, text, and other inputs like charts and statistics would present a picture readers would not be able to refute. Graphical representation does help a great deal in establishing contact with them.
The thesis statement itself would be an ideal prompt. Since the thesis or dissertation revolves around it, you would have to base all your arguments and research to convince readers about the statement. Donít deviate too much from the thesis statement, or readers would get confused and might lose interest if the thesis gets too complicated or tends to deviate too much.
Consider this simple example as a test case. Teenagers find it quite normal to smoke in school. How would you convince them that they are heading for trouble? What kind of pictures, graphics, and arguments would be of use as persuasive essay prompts to convince them to stop smoking? There are several such essays you could write. Use your imagination and prompts you are given in school or college to write good opinion essays.

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