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Itís Easy To Find A Good Persuasive Essay Example
Itís Easy To Find A Good Persuasive Essay Example
It really is easy to find a good persuasive essay example. There are several answers that questions asked of a sample should be able to provide. These questions will be posed at different points in the essay starting with the introduction. If you get answers, then you could use the sample. The primary aim of a persuasive essay is to convince readers to accept your point of view by presenting rational viewpoints, strong arguments, and appropriate examples backed by solid proof.

The example you choose should follow the trend of an argumentative essay. For example, your topic could be whether teenage pregnancy below the legal age should lead to abortion or not as per law. This is a sensitive issue and many readers would have different viewpoints. Your role in this should be to convince them or a particular stand you have taken with the help of arguments and justifications. Once you have taken a stand, the essay would strive to support it at every stage. A sample that adheres to these demands would be ideal for you to adapt.

Look for the introduction that has a thesis statement very similar to yours. Go ahead and establish your argument in context to this sample. You could choose controversial persuasive essay topics as mentioned above. Your convincing skills would be tested across this statement. It is probably the most important statement you could write within the essay. At this stage introduce the reasoning as to why the topic is controversial. Your perspective should come across at this stage. Justifying the statement could be part of the thesis to be completed.

There is a need to stress upon each point you make in support or opposition of the thesis statement. The best way to do this is to elaborate each point in different paragraphs. Find necessary research content to support each point and strive to establish your viewpoint with solid proof. You can state legal terms and statutory laws in support of the point. Following up on the point of whether teenage pregnancy below the legal age should be legalized, you can introduce the first point quoting reasons about how you feel about it.

The following paragraphs would go into other points in similar fashion. Though it is an opinion essay, to maintain continuity, look for a persuasive essay sample that supports the thesis statement at all times. For example, you could have a statement that would oppose your stand at some point to provide a counter argument. If you have identified it, refute it with the help of examples that have been established. There should be no room for doubt.

Lastly, in the summary or conclusion, summarize all the points you have raised in one short paragraph. Do not emphasize on any one point at this stage. Your viewpoint would have already been established in the thesis. The persuasive essay example chosen would have summarized the whole essay in this fashion. Practicing to write on similar assignments would help especially with the use of a persuasive essay graphic organizer.

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