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7 Techniques To Write A Convincing Persuasive Essay
7 Techniques To Write A Convincing Persuasive Essay
The goal of a persuasive essay is to be able to persuade a broad audience to accept your ideas or thesis statement with the help of justifications presented. There might be some who don’t agree to your point of view. It would then test your writing and presentation skills to ensure they do so by the end of the essay. Here are some practical tips that would help.
Choice of your topic: It has to have scope for an argument. You should think of argumentative essay topics which could invoke positive or negative comments. The idea should be to correct the right from the wrong and get as many possible to agree to your thesis statement.
Presentation Skills: The essence is to make the reader engrossed in an argument. To be able to do this, information needs to be gathered and evidence presented which would enhance and present your case in a convincing manner. Success comes when you have support data to convince a reader change his or her stand.
To be able to present an easy-to-understand essay, the use of transitional sentences will make your job easier. Make sure to be precise and to the point. Check for grammatical and punctuation errors. The format should follow convention where you have an introduction, a body of three to four paragraphs, and a conclusion. Nothing works better than quotes from famous personalities. Like in a political essay, a quote from a popular leader could greatly help readers agree to a thesis statement of a persuasive essay.
It is important to remember that evidence based of specifics and statistics should be used. When you tend to generalize or try to convince the reader in a personal tone, it leaves room for doubt. Choosing controversial essay topics can be a great way to start but base your research on facts that can support every statement you make.
College essay writing could involve arguing about start timings which need to be changed. Here, research on popular sentiment is already known. If you can justify the cause, the essay would be end up on the college notice board with approval from all quarters. There are many other issues which can be taken up in college like homework, restriction on a certain type of attire, or even what you would like in a lunch menu.
Using “pro/con” charts help in writing down the reasons for various issues you list out. Argumentative essay topics have several things going for it and some against. Jot down everything. A decision to select your topic could be made after going through these notes. For example, you choose a longer lunch break as your topic. Write down how it would improve productivity under “pros”. List out practical and other difficulties under “cons.”
In conclusion, unlike an informative essay, you have to reiterate your argument in the most compelling manner to ensure that those with doubts change their stand and agree.

Follow these techniques, and you would have a persuasive essay ready to convince everybody.

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