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Sample Essay Questions
Sample Essay Questions
Some teachers will provide essay writing prompt for the class to get started with writing. An essay needs to have a certain topic or purpose before it can satisfy the information hunger of the readers. Therefore, there should be a starting point in writing an article. There are some sample essay questions that we can share with you. Usually, teachers will ask a question then the students will be writing an essay to respond to that question. Let us take a look at some possible questions according to the direction of writing.

For an argumentative essay: Do you think labor outsourcing is good for the economy? Are you in favor of penalizing countries that do not allow open trades with the US?

For a narrative essay: (Sample essay questions may be modified here to become an instruction) Write about a certain experience when you went out on a camping. Compose a narrative that talks about your observation in school policy implementation.

You can write a descriptive essay: Describe a dream during sleep that you can still remember. Provide some information about the characteristics of your celebrity idol.

Write a persuasive article with these sample essay questions: Who do you think is the most effective president in history? What should parents do to prevent their children form accessing pornography online?

The presented sample essay questions above are just starting points to write an essay. There are still so many themes and directions of writing that you can utilize for your essay. If you need any help, use our essay examples from the Archives.This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers