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Bodor study
Bodor study
Bodor (2007) set a goal in his study, in which he uses real, rather than laboratory experiments and hypsometrical measures to investigate the theory. He studied the monitoring data during the election campaign in Hungary in 1998. Thus, it was a secondary analysis of data.

The analysis involves a study internal and external validity. In the study, there were two variables - an expression of opinion and belonging to a minority or majority. It turned out that the second variable does not greatly affect the first. The results turned out ambiguous and require more in-depth analysis. Hypothesis of this study is that the leading political ideology was socialist. Respondents who were followers of the other party are less likely to have expressed his opinion on the elections. The reason for this was an adverse social climate for this part of the population.

It was found that dissatisfaction with the government led to an increase in concealment. Level of education on the contrary led to a decrease in concealment. Social life in Hungary is a lot of cultural and tolerant which also led to a decrease in concealment.It turned out that the urban population because of stricter social control (the adverse climate in the society) has led to an increase in concealment.

Home hypothesis is confirmed. It turned out that this theory can be applied to real events. Social climate as a social force has no effect on the unconscious expression. Individual perception plays an important role. Future researchers may pay attention to the phenomenon of opinion concealment, which is problematic for pollsters.

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