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The recent study has demonstrated that insomnia experienced by older adults is more common among people who have chronic disease and poor health, which means that it is not necessarily a direct consequence of aging. A history of insomnia significantly increases the risk for future major depression.

Complaints during daytime are usually the key elements of the clinical presentation. A variety of insomnia symptoms can occur during being awake, such as fatigue, tiredness, irritation, sleepiness. Some patients who suffer from chronic insomnia describe an inability to have a sleep during the daytime and an uncomfortable sense of excessive awakening throughout the day. Individuals suffering from insomnia also have such common symptoms as increased frequency of mistakes, accidents, and falls.

It obviously has negative impact in many areas of individuals' lives. Some studies have evaluated populations of insomnia subject, using surveys incorporating quality of life measures (such as the SF-36). What was revealed is that in comparison with control groups, individuals with insomnia scored worse on dimensions reflecting social and physical functioning; emotional and physical role; pain; vitality; and general and mental health.

Insomnia is also very costly. Individuals who suffer from insomnia spend a lot of money on healthcare and medications. The costs spent by patients with insomnia and individuals not suffering from this disorder were evaluated by Simon and VonKorff. The insomnia group had 61% greater healthcare costs, functional impairment, and lost productivity than the control group.

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