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Literature Essay
Literature Essay
A literature essay could be a review of a book or poem. It could offer the direction one has to take while writing about literary works. An essay writing exercise on literature can be easy or difficult depending on your aptitude and approach to the subject. The positive aspect is that you have the freedom to express yourself when you write a book or poem. You can voice your opinion about literary works and publish it in for the form or a review or essay. People would be ready to read the essay, provided it makes interesting reading. Students who wish to write on literature have to develop the art of using language skills to express viewpoints.
The introduction should be brief but informative. It should take readers by the hand and show them what they can expect further in the essay. The general direction the essay is going to take should be indicated. For example, a review on a book can be very elaborate and complete, but readers would expect a short review that explains what the book is all about and if it is worth their time and money to read it. You are the expert who should be able to convey a strong message, whether positive or negative. In the introduction, you could suggest why you think the book is good or bad and then elaborate your viewpoint in the body of the literature essay.
Readers identify better with content if it is logically arranged in a way they can digest information. Writers need to therefore arrange information in a systematic manner. Several ideas would have to be included in the essay. The points would appear in the order of importance. To sustain interest, a review should be brief but yet complete. To be able to do this, quotations from other literary critics can be included. This gives room for including limited content in the essay with more stress on using language skills.
People respond to viewpoints, if it is backed by solid evidence. Every effort should be made to express each point separately in a different paragraph supported by backup data. For example, if you were talking about the attire worn in a Shakespearean plan, you could provide evidence about similar attire being worn at the time in history. A picture of a person with a Victorian dress would add relevance to the viewpoint as well as offer visuals for readers to identify with the text describing it.
An essay is a short text which can cover a lot of non-repetitive content. Unlike a research paper where you may have to refer back to earlier paragraphs or pages for better understanding of readers, a literature essay should focus on generating interest. Readers like to read fresh and innovative content. Repeating oneself or introducing the same content at various locations within the essay can make it monotonous. The practical way to go about it is to introduce what you have to say in the introduction and summarize it in the conclusion.

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