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A View From Bridge Essay
A View From Bridge Essay
A view from bridge essay can be an analysis or a summary of the play with the same name by American playwright Arthur Miller. The play was inspired by a true story he heard from a lawyer friend sometime after the 1940s. This was when Miller started taking interest in the lives of longshoremen working and living around New York’s Brooklyn Harbor. He had worked there himself. So he knew it was tough place where people were overworked. Food was limited, and bosses exploited the dock workers. They were mainly immigrants who arrived recently from other countries to the United States to earn a living and improve their lifestyle. Many had poor relatives back home and hoped to improve their lives too at some point in time. The story revolves around Eddie Carbone, an Italian longshoreman living in a tough slum known as Red Hook.

Eddie Carbone is a hard-working, simple man who worked on the piers to earn his living. He lives with his wife Beatrice and orphaned niece, Catherine. Soon his wife’s two cousins Marco and Rodolpho join them. They have arrived illegally into the country to improve their lives. A view from bridge essay exposes the lifestyle of Eddie and the new entrants who are used to a hard life with little education. Rodolpho is a handsome young lad who is charming and an extrovert. Catherine falls in love with him which makes Eddie jealous. All along, he had been protective of Catherine and now he does not like Rodolpho getting close to her. His wife Beatrice notices this and encourages Catherine to start working when the opportunity arises. An essay writing exercise can truly bring out the dark side of Eddie, which he later finds difficult to control.

Eddies tries to point out flaws in Rodolpho regularly with the hope that Catherine would forget him. When Catherine decides to marry Rodolpho, he becomes desperate and seeks the help of a lawyer to stop the marriage. He is told that the only way this could be done was to expose the illegal nature of entry employed by Rodolpho and Marco. His simplicity and sense of honor prevents him from doing so. But when he sees Rodolpho and Catherine in an intimate scene, he cannot control himself and reveals everything to immigration authorities. There is huge sympathy among the neighbors for both the lads irrespective of how they had entered the country. Eddie loses the respect of his neighbors and his dark side is exposed. A research paper on this turnover would make interesting reading.

All the good will he had gained by accepting Beartrice’s cousins with open arms is lost due to his betrayal. He gives in to his self-destructive tendencies and finally is confronted by an angry Marco who challenges him for his actions. He tries to attack Marco but is overpowered by him and dies in the encounter. A view from bridge essay can bring out the symbolism in view; that of hardship, a place where a community sought their own justice, and how lack of education and self worth led to the death of a simple man.

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