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Great Gatsby Essay
Great Gatsby Essay
A Great Gatsby essay based on the novel with the same name can picture the life and times of Americans during World War I. Considered as one of the best novels by the American author F. Scott Fitzgerald, the story is set in New York around the year 1922. The story revolves around the central character Jay Gatsby as narrated by Nick Carraway. The class system prevalent at the time is quite evident when Jay Gatsby, after gaining considerable wealth, is not able to enjoy the privileges or the upper class. Jay is introduced as a wealthy person though his occupation and source of wealth is not known. He is famous in New York due to the many parties thrown in his lavish mansion located in West Egg. It is a less prominent locality than the East Egg, where the old guard aristocratic rich lived. This narrative essay is written from close range as Nick Carraway is Jay Gatsby’s neighbor.

Nick has a cousin Daisy who lives with her husband Tom Buchanan in East Egg. Tom too has a prominent Midwestern family background and is proud of it. He is shown to be very conscious of the class system, which later leads him to manipulate and deceive. An essay writing exercise can paint a picture of the lifestyle the aristocratic rich enjoyed at the time. Daisy is of a quiet demeanor and displays the boredom of the rich. Nick is introduced in their house to Jordan Baker and gets romantically involved with her. Through her, Nick learns of Tom’s affair with Myrtle Wilson, a not so aristocratic woman living on the outskirts of New York City. Nick gets to meet Myrtle’s husband George, a garage owner.

The scene changes to Morningside Heights in this Great Gatsby essay. At a party, under provocation, Tom breaks Myrtle’s nose. It shows his arrogance and demonstrates his false pride. Nick is unaware that Jay is in love with Daisy from before the war, and the parties were thrown with the hope that he would get to meet her. He learns of this from Jordan. A book essay can be written about the preparation made by Jay to meet Daisy. Through all the rumors about Jay, he is shown to be a remarkably handsome man. Nick likes him, and learns that Jay has an anonymous past. Tom, however, shows his true colors and takes an immediate dislike of Jay as he considers him to be neo rich and a threat to aristocracy.

At long last, Jay gets to meet Alice and they have an affair. He is totally committed and wants her to leave Tom. He doesn’t realize that Alice also has the same aristocratic feelings as Tom. When Tom learns of the affair, he is furious and waits for a chance to take revenge. He gets his opportunity and provokes Wilson to murder Jay for an accident caused by Alice which kills Myrtle. The story ends with Nick realizing that though Jay was truly a great man who rose up through his own merits, he was not recognized because of his class. A research paper or Great Gatsby essay should highlight the extent to which society can dictate life based on a class system.

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