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Physics Essay – Going Beyond The Fundamentals
Physics Essay – Going Beyond The Fundamentals
A physics essay can be an exciting exercise in learning the fundamentals of the physics. The world has probably known physics as the oldest academic natural science, as astronomy has been followed by people across the world. Today, modern science has blended physics with the other scientific advancements. Essays, white papers, and scientific discoveries in physics have become quite common.

The focus has been to explore the mysteries that space has offered. Physics has reached a stage where it has overlapped into areas where chemistry and mathematics come into focus. A technology essay would easily establish the growing understanding that fundamental physics has given rise to quantum physics. Theoretical calculations at the atomic level are coming closer to realizing practical models that can change the way we look at the future of physics.

The first evidence of physics not remaining the same came with the Newton’s principles that believed time to be absolute and unchanging. Einstein was the first to develop the theory of relativity in 1905. Thought he did not have the means at the time to prove his theory beyond doubt, it was later proved that people at different reference points do experience time lag.

The difference probably is very small, but when you consider the effect it can have on a global positioning system (GPS) device, you realize the importance of taking into consideration Einstein’s theory of relativity. Time does flow at different rates aboard a satellite than it would in a car. Earlier it did not matter too much as the established principles of physics had been tested and found to be true under different conditions. In it now that scientists have discovered that the accuracy that is needed, for example, to establish a reliable GPS system meant that physics has to be used at micro levels.

Quantum science relates to measuring and using indivisible units of energy called quanta. Theories based on atomic reactions decide most of the physics platforms based on calculations. One of the most important and exciting ideas represented by the Quantum Theory is that nothing in this world is quite like the atomic world. A term paper on such a bold topic would make interesting reading.

Let’s take an example. An opaque cardboard with two slits relatively close to each can be used for our experiment. When light is focused on the cardboard, it passed through both the slits. If we change the process and ensure that only electrons are allowed to pass through using an electron gun, the electrons still pass through both the slits. It is difficult to understand at first how this is possible. How can an electron pass through both the slits? But then if we reduce the frequency, the wavelength increases. Now, if fewer electrons are released, the increased wavelength takes it through both the slits. The basic fundamental of quantum physics is established that the context of an experiment decides how electrons will behave under different conditions.

Various other principles have been established in quantum physics. Scientists have paid attention to the non mathematical treatment of quantum physics. Students can now write physics essays on innumerable topics. Several custom essays can be written to gain knowledge.

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