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Paper writing is an important tool that stimulates brain and helps to develop an argument logically. In this essay I try to dwell on my recollections and their meaning to me.

It seems that the small piece of paper in my hands is burning the skin. There will be scalds of regret, mourn and recollection, and it is hard to believe that one photograph has a power to force such strong emotions that never change no matter how often I look at it, just the way we never change, living forever in it.

Yet here they are when I am looking on a picture of my friend and me taken several months ago. It was summer and the nature around was alive, blooming with energy the way smiles on the photo sparkle with energy of youth, with dreams and with the confidence that we have all time in universe to live our lives.

Recollection is bittersweet, it shows us the smiles we had on our faces, the glint in our eyes, reminds the smell of the wind that seemed fresher it was so sweet that you can almost feel it when just holding this piece pf paper. But we can no longer smile like that, our eyes become dull more and more often and air is frowzy and it is bitter.

Recollection also teaches us humanity as we discover that the pain we feel for ourselves is not as sharp as for others who fought it.And I cannot fall asleep tonight, the small incident, a randomly used word reminding me, brining memories not deep buried to the surface: there are no dreams to see tonight but thoughts to be thought and memories to be remembered.

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