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The Maycomb Tribune
Maycomb was a quite old town. Nothing really happened in maycomb, Alabama until the one incedent where tom robonson was accused of raping Mayella Ewell on November 21, 1931.The trial began on august 21, 1932. Atticus Finch was asked to be the lawyer of Tom Robinson by Judge Taylor and Mr. Gilmer was the proceuter of the state on behalf of Mayell Ewell I am now going to discuss the four testamonies of the trial.

The trial began with Tom Robinson being brought to the court case. The first witness on the stand was Heck Tate. He started saying that Mayella Ewell was beat up and had a bruse to her right eye. She had marks around her throat too. Then Atticus asked Heck, why was there no doctor called. He said that there was no need.

The second Witneyss was Bob Ewell, The father of mayella ewell. Mr. Gilmer asked him what happened on the night of august 21, 1931.

He said that he heared mayella scream. He ran after him. He said that it was Tom Robinson. He tried to chase him but tom escaped out of the front door. Atticus asked him that since he ran all over the house why did he not ruun after a doctor. He said thatb there was also no need to. Then Atticus asked for him to write his name on a piece paper and that had proved that he is left handed.

The next witness was Mayella Violet Ewell. Mr gilmer asked her to tell what happened. She asked him to Bust up the chiffar obe. When she went to get him a nickel and when she turned around he was on her. She said she fought him hard, but he had her around her neck.

Atticus then asked her if Tom had ever come inside her fence to bust up the chiffar obe. Shed said yes. After that atticus asked her if he had ever hit her about the face. She said no and then she said yes, he hit me, he hit me. She somewhat fumbled as if this whole thing was some kind of and act that she had rehearsed before. Atticus asked Mayella to point at him. She pointed at Tom Robinson. He then asked for Tom to to catch a cup with his right hand and he did it, but when asked to catchh with his left hand he could not because he got it cought in a cotton gin when he was 12 years old. After that Atticus asked mayella how could of beat her and she burst int teaes and ran to her father.

The Last witness was Tom Robinson. Atticus asked Tom what happened on August 21, 1931. He said that he was passing by her house and she called him in. She asked him to get a box of the chiffar obe. He stood on a chair and when he was tring to get the box of the chiffar obe, she grabed him on his legs. He got so scared that he jumped off. Then kissed him. She said that she had never kissed a grown man before and might as well do it now. She asked him top kiss him back but he said to Mayella that he said to let him out of there. He saw Bob looking in the window and he heared that Bob ewell was going to kill her. Atticus asked him if he harmed Mayella Ewll in any way and Tom said he did not. Mr Gilmer asked him if jhes is styrong enopugh choke herand he said yes. Mr gilmer also asked why did he do all thnis work for her and he said that he felt sorry for her.
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