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Wrong assumptions mean “that people draw some conclusions too hastily, lack some crucial information, or mistake some uncertainties for certainties” (Mayfield, p.141). For example, my classmates classify me as the group of hard-working student, because I give them an impression that I often ask teachers questions and stay in library the whole day. My classmates classify me as the group and they just depend on shallow appearance to judge. Actually, I know that I am a lax student. When I want to focus on study, I am always affected by outside interesting things; besides, I often can’t insist on my study plan and never give me a strict requirement in the area of study. Below is comparison between a real hard-working student and me.
Firstly, a real hard-working student will put study in the first place, so they will make long-term, medium-term, near-term learning goals and detailed plans for study. When they make learning goals and detailed plans for study after, they will insist on doing these things every day. As for me, when I wake up every day, I often make plans in my mind how to arrange the whole day to finish my homework. But when I open my computer, I will be attracted by some interesting things, such as communicate with my friends, watch DVD or CD and so on. Sometimes, if my friends date me for go shopping, I will go shopping with my friends firstly, and almost forget a lot of homework is waiting for me. So I often do my homework until deep into the night.
Secondly, a real hard-working student should actively learn all kinds of knowledge rather than passively accept some knowledge. As for me, I belong to the student that passively accepts some knowledge. I will look above two points that I give classmates impression as an example. The one reason that I often ask my teachers questions are that I want to finish homework as soon as possible, and I do not want take more time to explore these questions about homework, so I will have enough time to enjoy every one good weekend. I want to use the good environment in library to learn, but my efficiency is still very low. For example, when I finish some homework, I will open my blog to read or open MSN to communicate with my friends for a while. At that time, I do not finish intraday assignments.
Thirdly, a real hard-working student not only learns all kinds of knowledge from books, but also applies learned knowledge into practice. When school holds some creative matches, these students will attend these matches and depend on learned knowledge to create all kind of small inventions. As for me, I admire these students, and I also want to become them; but I have not motive power to do that.
Fourthly, a real hard-working student not only learns his or her own major’s knowledge, but she/he also tries to know others major’s knowledge. As for me, I just learn my major’s knowledge. If some knowledge relate to others major, I will give up the chance of learning.
Fifthly, when a real hard-working student get bad grade in an exam, she/he will analyze carefully wrong answer, and write down the reason that why she/he gets the wrong answer in the exam, so they can avoid happening in next exam. As for me, I also revise wrong answers in every exam and want to do it well before revision, but when I analyze these wrong answers, I feel distracted. If I take long time and don’t know how to correct some wrong answers, I will give up them. So it is obviously that these wrong answers still will happen in my next exam.
My classmates classify me the group of hard-working students because they just see shallow appearance, but comparing a hard-working student’ traits with me shows obviously that I belong to the group of lax students, so my classmates’ assumptions are negative assumptions. Now, people often get automatically assumptions that which people belongs to which group, but we indeed information to confirm assumptions.

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