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Friendship is a part of everyone's life. Whether you experience friendship in excess or lack thereof, friendship still plays a major role. Although we experience the effects of friendship on a daily basis, a major question is brought forth as to the exact definition of friendship. Some may define friendship as a term referring to a relationship between two or more individuals with similar interests, knowledge, and a certain degree of affection for one another. However, many people claim that friendship cannot be defined by these terms alone, but by the actions put forth by each of the individuals within the friendship. Once the definition of friendship is found, is it possible to define a perfect friendship?
Friendship is defined as an inclined disposition toward another individual. In order to increase the disposition between two individuals they must relate to each other on similar topics of interest, although they do not have to agree on every point of interest. Many times the major role a person holds in life is the point of shared interest. For example, a person who has based their morals around very conservative ideals would not be likely to befriend another individual who has a strong set of liberal ideals. Not only is a friendship based on similar interests shared between the mentioned people, but it holds root with a litany of different bases such as compassion, sympathy, caring, and even undying honesty. In many situations in a person's life they require the knowledge of the unblemished truth about themselves. In order to have a strong friendship, the involved pers on's must both be able to not only tell each other the raw truth but to be able to accept and build upon that truth.
In argument to the above statements, contradictions can be found; such as, a morally conservative person and a morally liberal individual can form a friendship through many other assorted similarities that do not necessary play a large role in either of their lives, thus forming an unlikely friendship between the two. In the case presented concerning truthfulness in a friendship; there are many people who claim their friends are not entirely truthful and still have a strong friendship. With each argument having a valid point yet also there being proven that true alternatives to each argument exist, no one definition can be used to describe every friendship that exists, because each and every friendship is based on its own, unique terms. Every person is unique in their own way, and because of everyone's differentiating from on another there is no stable definition of friends hip.
With it being impossible to establish a definition of friendship because of the diverse positions each friendship is based on; by definition there can be no such thing as a 'Perfect Friendship'. What one person may consider perfect conditions for a friendship, may not appeal to another person. Because of this extreme diversity, friendship can only be generalized accurately. To attempt to make a specific definition of something such as friendship to be ideal to everyone is impossible. This having been said the idea of a perfect friendship is impossible to define, but may exist uniquely to a lone individual.