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The supermarket is full of laughter, cries and screams of the little children who want a toy and are being refused repeatedly by their mothers. The mini game stores are full of families wanting a try at the latest video games. The jewelry stores have a faint sound of women and men bargaining as much as they can. And the faint sound of annoyance in the cashier and jeweler’s voice as they ring the item at thirty percent off the actual value.
Kids are running here and there. Some with excitement of finding a new toy and others in a fit of rage at their mothers for saying “no” to a very pricey toy. Teens are walking around finding the most coolest and latest piece of clothing and teen girls huddled in deep conversation about what clothing size they should buy. The teen boys are fussing over how cool the new cell phone is and how much they die for to get one. The fathers are sitting down with all the shopping bags and sipping tea while waiting for their beloved family to return from their shopping. And the mothers are running around here and there in hopes of a good sale and a good bargain at the latest fashion stores.
The smell of fresh vegetables and fruits lingers around the food stores and wanders about the bathrooms and clothing stores. The sound of food sizzling in the freshly hot oil rings about the restaurant. It smells of freshly baked naans smothered in butter and ready to serve to a hungry customer. The opening and closing of the drawers echoes throughout the kitchen as the chefs prepare the meals to be served. The sound of satisfied customers brings about an odd sense of calmness into the atmosphere as well as on the faces of the customers in the restaurant. The smile of satisfaction spreads across every man and woman in the restaurant. The bright show casing of the new and latest furniture designs creates a warm and welcoming feeling. The smell of leather and wood gives a misty scent in the air. The assistants brisk walk left and right. Some assisting customers. And some reprimanding the actions of the little ones. Men and women talk softly to each other. Discussing how the designs are and how the price should be lowered. And some just talking about how and where they would put a piece of furniture in their home. The kids run around the place as if they are in a park and jump around the couches like monkeys swinging from tree to tree.