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Abortion: Which Way is the Right Way?
Abortion: Which Way is the Right Way?
When it comes to something as controversial and personal as abortion there are many opinions that can be perceived differently and there are two different sides to it, Pro-choice and Pro-life. Sometimes it depends on how somebody is brought up and their religious background or it can just be something as simple as personal preference or opinion. State laws, the government, and a community they all can have effects on abortion and the laws and rights a person has. Everyone has their own views and opinions, and no matter what abortion is neither wrong nor right.
Those who promote pro-life do not believe in abortion. They believe that from the moment of conception that there is a human being in the process of development and should have no intent to harm it. It has a brain and a heart beat, therefore it should have the right to live. These people believe that even though abortion is a personal choice that it should be against the law to receive and perform abortions. Religion plays a huge role in a pro-lifer’s outlook. Abortion is known as an unnatural end of pregnancy and is also against the Bible. One can not kill another human being because they wish for them not to be around.
There is a big argument that arises from this topic, that is the question if a fetus is considered a human being or not. “Some pro-life advocates argue that it is the presence of life alone, or of unique DNA, that defines personhood” (Head). So some will ask, is abortion murder? In order for the government to prove that a homicide has taken place they need evidence containing a human being’s body, or body parts. Technically, it can not be considered a homicide even though religious and philosophically opinions believe otherwise. It’s not that what they say doesn’t make any sense because it does. Once two people’s genes combine together as one most would consider that a human, just in the process of developing. It just is not by law a homicide, but might I say, not yet at least!
As for Pro-choicer’s, they believe that to get an abortion is the decision of the mother, and the state/government has no right to say otherwise. Abortion is a women’s own right and choice. One should not be forced to have a baby that they do not want or aren’t ready for the responsibility. They should be able to decide what happens to them and having a baby could ruin what their future intentions were. Women are in control of their own bodies and decisions and one of a higher authority should not have any right to interfere.
Many people consider abortion wrong, and I happen to be one of those people. Even though you could consider me as a Pro-choicer. This could tend to baffle some but I think of those who may be in serious need of abortion and that is whyI consider myself a Pro-choicer. Being a pro-choicer, I believe that every woman has the right to decide what happens in their life and how a baby could effect their future. There are cases in which women are a victim of rape or incest. Therefore, they have no control over getting pregnant, or not. No, assault rape pregnancies are not common but here are some accurate numbers. From 1973 to 1987 the Justice Dept. surveyed 49,000 households yearly, and asked questions adhering to violence and criminal behavior. The results were as noted: In 1973, there were 95,934 completed rapes and in 1987 there were 82,505 completed rapes. The studied showed that only 53% were reported to the police. An even more recent study was called for and by using different questions they had a result of 170,000 completed rapes and 140,000 attempted rapes. There are about 1 or 2 out of each 1000 women, using the 170,000 figure who end up getting pregnant. Less than half of pregnancies from rape get aborted. The majority carry the baby for the whole 9 months. In a study of 37 rape pregnancies, 28 followed through. People say why not just abort these pregnancies.
Being 18 years old, I have seen so many unplanned and teen pregnancies happening around me it’s absurd. Almost more than half of these are because there was no kind of contraception being used and they just thought they weren’t going to get pregnant. To support the argument that more responsibility in using contraceptives would reduce the number of abortions, many note that most abortions are performed for contraceptive purposes. People think that rape and incest would be the top reason for most abortions because you cannot control yourself if you get pregnant. Surprisingly, it is actually because a man and a women do not want a baby and had the choice of many different methods of contraception but did not choose to. Many believe that if we could convince men and woman to use a type of method that it would reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Thirty years ago this position might have been believable, but not now. Now that we have lived with contraception and abortion, now we can’t have any hope that more access to contraceptives and abortion will reduce the number of abortions. Wherever contraception is more available the number of unwanted pregnancies and the number of abortions will increase, greatly, because people take advantage of these options. Some clinics report up to 50% of the abortions given are because of a contraception failure.
In the United States the number of abortions per day are approximately 3,700 and these woman are younger than 25. 1% of all abortions are because of incest or rape, 6% of abortions are because the pregnancy will result in health problems for the mother or the child, and 93% is because of the child not being wanted or it is inconvenient. I feel younger people are taking pregnancy too lightly and getting abortions too often. These are the people who I believe should not have the right to receive an abortion because they just can’t seem to be responsible enough to protect themselves. And they can get an abortion just like that as if they don’t even care or have any knowledge on what they are doing. Half of abortions done are a second, third, and even fourth because young woman aren’t seeing that getting pregnant and having an abortion is a big deal. Those could have been up to four potential lives and then taking all the woman that have gotten that fourth abortion, is a lot of lives that have been destroyed. I believe people who do not learn the first time for one specific reason like, no use of contraceptions and thinking you won’t get pregnant. Obviously, this could never be because of more controversy that would arise. People would see it as being bias and then young woman would go get illegal abortions done by not legal doctors. That would then cause the death rate of woman receiving abortions to go way up. You see there is no possible way for any law to arise with exceptions like this but there could potentially be a law saying, any woman who receives an abortion once coming back for a second or a third can not receive one.
As of February 1, 2010 it depends on what state you live in in order to get an abortion or not. How far along you are in your pregnancy is another factor. Depending on how many weeks or trimesters you are results in where you can get an abortion done. Since the Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973 states have determined whether or not a woman may receive an abortion or not. 38 states require an abortion to be done by a licensed physician. 19 states require an abortion to be performed in a hospital after a specific point in the pregnancy. 38 states do not allow abortions, except when a woman’s life is at risk, and at fetal viability. And in 46 states they allow individual health care providers to refuse the procedure of an abortion.
Because abortion is such a personal topic it is hard for researchers to find out true reasons for the need of abortion. There were 32 studies done in 27 countries to find out the reason and need for abortion. In most cases, the abortion wasn’t needed just because they didn’t intend to become pregnant, there is a more personal side to them. According to a study done by the Guttmacher Institute, 68% of women who have abortions in the United States say that they cannot afford to have children and 27% say that as their reason for terminating the pregnancy. Due to health reasons 20% receive abortions. 38% are young women either hiding pregnancies from their parents, or ordered by their parents to terminate their pregnancies.
Whether or not laws are changed or not people will always be entitled to their opinion and how they feel. Abortion is one of those topics that people have their set opinion on it and will most likely not take a minute of their time to consider the other side of it. That being said, abortion is one of today’s biggest controversial issues and will most likely continue to be because either way someones not going to be satisfied in the end.

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