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Can you imagine living a life that most people don’t approve of, not being able to hold hands in public, talk about your loved ones and not be considered normal just because you are gay? These are the struggles millions of Americans face each day because some refuse to accept a “different” lifestyle. All same-sex partners want is the freedom to live at peace and have an equal right to marry. Most people would agree that no matter what sexual preference someone has that person should still be able to live a normal life just like those around them who are not gay, but so far there are still a few stubborn people that disagree with a homosexual lifestyle. ”Those who tolerate or advocate voting for same-sex marriage want to legalize immorality” by msnbc.com, “The gay life style is not something to be encouraged.” by protestors featured in the New York Times, and “It will weaken our traditional values” also by the New York Times are all articles that debate same-sex marriages, seeing everyone’s point of view and if certain people should back down and let gay’s have their way.
The biggest topic that all three articles discuss is the question on if same-sex marriage weakens the definition and respect for the institution of marriage. ”Those who tolerate or advocate voting for same-sex marriage want to legalize immorality” and The gay life style is not something to be encouraged.” both talk about believing if gay marriage is allowed it will exclude it from the legality of marriage. “It will weaken our traditional values” state that a law allowing gay marriage could increase the number of joke or non serious marriages, such as couples of friends who want to save on taxes. But there has not been a comparison from straights to non-straight.
A second topic that the three articles have in common is that Most religions consider homosexuality a sin. In , “The gay life style is not something to be encouraged.” the author says, “virtually every religion in the world, including the major ones in this country, consider homosexuality a sin.” As the world looks at the debate of whether or not same-sex marriages should be legalized, some may think that America has lost some of their “freedom ways’ because isn’t everyone supposed to have equal rights? Guess not when it comes to certain things. The article also mentions that “It is offensive and a swipe to the religious freedom of the majority to have to recognize a relationship they consider sinful.”
Another topic that the articles discuss is the financial benefits that apply to same-sex marriages. Even though all three different articles mention a certain amount, they all state that In today’s economic environment , It often takes to incomes to live. The MSNBC article mentions other areas that have to do with financial benefits. “Owning a house is often impossible without another person to share the financial burden , and owning a home is not the only part of the American Dream, it promotes stability and community pride. “It will weaken our traditional values” contradicts that statement by saying “married couples do not need to commit themselves to get through these tough economic times because what ever burden is stressing them was brought upon themselves.” Two of the three articles mention how in today’s environment it often takes to incomes to live. “ “A married couple shares rent, utilities, and other bills, which is often difficult for one person to take on alone” said from MSNBC. In the ”Those who tolerate or advocate voting for same-sex marriage want to legalize immorality” article there is a small sentence in which it says “ A married couple can often financially support each other when times get tough, such as when one of the two is out of work.”
While the articles do already mention what most people would like to see happen two of the articles both at agree that same-sex marriage just might not be so bad. In the “The gay life style is not something to be encouraged.” article it mentions, “ The only thing that should matter in a relationship Is love” But obviously in this country people don’t see the good side in things they only want to see the bad. In the MSNBC article the author says “Homosexuals marry not because they want to establish legal status, allow joint filing taxes, or protect each other in medical decision making but because it is the ultimate expression of a person’s love for another.”
It is easy to see why people pass quick judgment in America because Americans are used to seeing one way to live and one way only and just when they think they have learned the way to live life changes. Since they don’t expect the unexpected they want to keep everything the way it normally was. They don’t want to accept change when actually change is good. There is still a long way to go before gays are accepted as “normal” people. All three articles agree that even if being homosexual is considered a sin gays are still going to continue to be gay anyway. There is nothing anybody can do to change that. How many of you have sinned? Almost everyone if not everyone so don’t be quick to point a finger at someone when your hands might not be clean.
In some public policy debates there are no perfect solutions, only tradeoffs. Even if you think there are some good reasons to support same-sex marriage, and even if you think some of my arguments are flawed, it is still reasonable to support the amendment banning same-sex marriage to achieve the greater good for children and the country. I believe that everyone does wrong, including me, and that I am called to hate everything harmful and wrong in someone’s life while still being able to love that person as a person. In fact, the way to love a person is to hate what is destroying them. But we are not talking about sin and salvation here; we are talking about public policy. In other words, it’s not about whether you like or dislike homosexuals, or whether you consider their behavior sinful or not, it’s about what would promote the general welfare of the nation as a whole. As we have seen, the best way to do that is to promote same-sex marriage and prohibit any endorsement of banning same-sex relationships. Learning about the dynamics of sexual orientation and developing an appreciation of the differences and diversity in that field will help to deepen understanding of others, to change attitudes and, eventually, to make life better for people of all sexual orientations. Sexual orientation is not something the heterosexual majority often thinks about simply because they are the mainstream. But for those whose sexual orientation lies at either end of the bell curve of sexual behavior, thinking about sexual orientation is a matter of survival. Livelihoods, family relationships, social contacts, even life itself can be imperiled if one transgresses what is considered normal. To love someone of the same sex in some societies is to risk their lives, in other societies they risk imprisonment along with the loss of the comforts of family and friends, and the ability to hold a job. In sother places they risk discrimination both blatant and subtle. The desire to live an open life, the need to live with integrity, and the hope to love the person of their choice is at best a daily struggle in most societies in the world

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