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Kyleigh’s law was put into play just this past year in May 2010. This law was put into the New Jersey legal system because 6,000 teens died in automobile accidents in 2008. The law states that a teen that has his/her provisional license must have two orange stickers on their front and rear license plates. In my opinion, this law is just another way for the police to target teenagers. Teenagers can then be pulled over for no other reason than being a teenager. It gives the cops a reason to pull them over. Another reason this law could possible backfire is that it gives out information on the road to possible pedophiles or just bad people that young teenagers are driving the car. They could then become easy targets for people posing as law enforcement and pulling them over. They will look at these stickers and know that they have an easy victim.

There are worse drivers then teens. Teens aren’t the only ones causing terrible automobile accidents. How many times have we heard about Grandpa going to the DMV and passing his eye test and wondering how did he pass. Drunk drivers on the road are another major cause of tragic accidents. There are reports of repeat offenders out there still driving. If there is going to be a law for teenagers, then there should also be the same kind of law for the elderly drivers and for those who have been picked up for DUI and DWI. Even after a drunk driver has served his/her sentence, their license is handed back to them; as if they are not going to drink again. In my opinion, this law should be repealed to save teenagers from discrimination.

First, this law was meant to target teenagers and also to help cops meet their quotas. Cops will give any reason to pull over a car with an orange sticker. For example, I was driving at 1am on my way home and a cop pulled me over because he thought I looked too young to be driving past the Kyleigh’s hours; I was 19. The cop made up some stupid excuse as to why he pulled me over. He was not very pleasant and began yelling at me before I could even talk. The cop made a guess and was wrong. Will they do that to a parent or an elderly person? I highly doubt that. Many of my friends have been in the same dilemma. Also my best friend’s dad drove home from work one night but forgot to remove the sticker from his car. He was coming home on a Friday night at 12:30am. A cop pulled him over just because he thought it was a kid driver because of the stickers. It seems the cops are paying more attention to the stickers than the driver. This law seems useless. They need to repeal this law and come up with a better solution.

Secondly, there are many pedophiles and just bad people out in the world. This sticker is giving them an easy target to follow young teen girls or guys around. A rapist will sit and wait for months to strike by learning the teen’s pattern of driving. They have to map out their every move before they do the crime. That young driver might not even know they are being followed. What will it take? Do we need to see a young girl be brutally killed or raped to repeal this law? These rapists are drooling over this law because they have such an easy target. Most girls will be the victims of these crimes. For example, a rapist just has to follow a young teenage girl home for a few weeks to see her pattern and to see when her parents leave. They will keep track of all this information and strike at the perfect time. At this time, this has not happened, but will it happen? We do not know how many girls and guys have been followed since this law went into effect.

Lastly, teens are not the only causes of traffic accidents. This law seemed very helpful because the government thought they could save lives. Yes, 6,000 teens have died in automobile accidents but how many of them were caused by the teen. There are many other people in this world that cause deaths with the involvement of automobiles. As of yet, we have not targeted the elderly, the Asians, Hispanics, whites or African- Americans. That would be definite discrimination. So why just teenagers? This list could go on and on. The main point is that teens are not the only ones dying in automobiles accidents. I think there should be new laws to improve the driving skills for everyone. Whether it be through an insurance company (discount on your auto insurance) or the department of motor vehicles. In the end, Kyleigh’s Law should be repealed and a new law should be new and improved.