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What is teamwork?
What is teamwork?
Teamwork can be defined in many different ways today, from being a member of an athletic sports team, to being part of a chemical lab research team. Teamwork is the one bond that keeps everything together. In the dictionary, teamwork is defined as ďa cooperative effort on the part of a group of persons, acting together as a team or in the interests of a common causeĒ; however, I believe that there is more to the word than just doing work.
Back in high school, growing up, teamwork was an aspect that I used every day. An example of this would be playing high school football. The two years I played were my sophomore and junior year. Going through these years I realized the importance of teamwork. We may not have been the best, but each individual player depended on the others to win the game. The coach stressed at every practice that every player was as important as the next one on the team.
Some people tend to forget about teamwork and in the long run, it tends to hurt more than help them. In the situation of a football game, it would make the difference between winning and losing. For example, if the quarterback doesnít use teamwork and tell everyone on the field what to do, it would be a recipe for disaster. Not knowing what to do, the linemen and receivers would put the defense in a position to make a play and possibly turnover the ball; this would give the other team a chance to score and win the game.
Teamwork is something that everybody needs, and without it people may never be able to reach their full potential. With teamwork, groups of people are able to reach their goals much faster and more efficient. Even in the smallest of situations, like living in a household with roommates, there has to be some type of teamwork to keep everything functioning right. However, there are few situations where teamwork isnít necessary. But overall being part of a team and working together helps to strive for goals and accomplish extraordinary things.