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The Tiger
The Tiger
The research topic my group decided to focus on was the Tiger. The tiger is an elusive creature which has been significantly reduced in the size of its population in the last one hundred years, over 100,000 tigers roamed the earth then and due to humans the number of tigers has decreased to just over 5000. Three species of tiger have been wiped out they are the Balinese, Caspian and Javanese which were subject to habitat destruction, poaching and prey depletion, human/animal conflict and loss of political will power.
We all conducted research into the behavioural, emotional and environmental aspects of the tiger, to gain a better understanding of the animal and how it functions. I researched the endangered animal by using websites both scholarly and non scholarly.
The research component of the group work, involved researching the endangered species, looking at websites and articles to become learned in the tiger species. The group worked together very well and consistently. Each week the group came together and worked productively to produce the weekly task. My roles within the group to produce the weekly task included, looking for information to understand the physical, environmental and behavioural aspects of the tiger, providing the glue for the weekly task and cutting and pasting the abstract pictures, Participating and helping to choreograph the non verbal performance. Participating in the sound performance, (shaking a water bottle and stamping my feet). Writing the rationale for the emotional attributes exercise and cutting and pasting the colours onto the black cardboard.
My role in the group was important as was everyone else’s, we all equally contributed majority of the time to the group work and communicated well, sending emails and text messages to ensure we were all participating making sure not to end up with multiples of the same items. Though towards the end weeks only a few people bothered to reply to emails sent about the group work and as a result were rushed and late. I contributed every week, participated in the activities and tried to contact each member for the following week’s tasks.
The project process I found was interesting and enjoyable. It allowed me to use the more creative side of my brain and I found I enjoyed the class a lot more as a result. Having to think about the different aspects of a tigers emotions was difficult but worth it as it allowed us to become more involved with the animal and try to see through their eyes in a sense, giving us a broader concept of the tiger. I believe the non verbal performance was the most entertaining and required more effort than the other tasks. It required the group to really work together and show we knew what we were doing and what the animal’s actions involved. The most abstract task was the emotional attributes of the animal, where we were required to relate the emotions of the animal to colours, without using obvious tones. It was challenging but I think we made it work. Overall I think the group tasks were fun and something I haven’t done before.
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