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What is a Tomboy?
What is a Tomboy?
This is the definition of tomboy according to Merriam-Webster Online: tomboy (noun) a girl who behaves in a manner usually considered boyish. The following is my definition of tomboy.
A tomboy is a two year old girl who laughed from the barn loft as her parents frantically looked for her. I had apparently decided that I wanted to be a monkey and climbed a ladder to the barn loft. The problem with this was that there was a three foot overhang at the end of that ladder. This would have been hard for any other two year old girl, but not for me, I loved to climb. Unlike most little girls if my parents couldnít find me they would look in a tree.
A tomboy is a five year old who refuses to wear pink. My mom was getting me ready for church one Sunday and she had laid out a pink dress that most girls of that age would have loved. I waited until she left the room and promptly made that little pink dress disappear. I got in a lot of trouble for that, but it was worth it, I ended up wearing a purple dress. It was also the last time my mom tried to put me in pink. To this day I still do not like and will not wear pink.
A tomboy is a little girl who wonít play with dolls. It really didnít matter what age I was, you would not catch me playing with dolls. I loved trucks, especially dirt digging, rock hauling trucks. I could spend hours in the yard digging up rocks with my backhoe and hauling them away with my dump truck. I loved the sandbox where I would make roads for my cars and trails for my dirt bikes.
A tomboy is a ten year old girl who wants a mini bike for her birthday. Most of the other girls in my neighborhood were getting cute bicycles for their birthdays, when my mom asked me what I wanted I insisted on getting a mini bike, there was one for sale right down the road. I promptly wrecked it and still have the scar on my knee as a reminder, but that didnít stop me. I wore out the mini bike and eventually graduated to a CZ 125 dirt bike. I canít count the number of scars I have from it.
A tomboy is a twelve year old girl who would rather play baseball than softball. Softball was fun and I really enjoyed playing it, but it was to tame. I needed excitement, the possibility of getting hurt. This could only be achieved when playing baseball with the boys, they hit the ball harder, ran you over if you were in their way, and didnít mind it if they got dirty.
A tomboy is a teenage girl who doesnít know how to fix her own hair. I hated spending time fixing my hair. My haircuts were always cuts that required little or no maintenance, and by this I mean if it isnít wash, comb and go you wouldnít see it on my head. I felt the same way about make up. Why should I waste my time putting on makeup when it was just going to get messed up playing ball or digging in the dirt?
A tomboy is a high school senior who refuses to go to the prom. I had my chances, in fact I think my boyfriend asked at least twice, but if I went to the prom it meant having to put on a dress. At that time I would rather have died then put on a dress. If I had to wear panty hose and a slip you could count me out. Why wear a dress when jeans or slacks were much more comfortable. I still wonít wear and donít own a dress.
A tomboy is a grown woman who is glad she had two boys. Why, because she canít fix her own hair, how is she going to fix her daughterís hair? Why, because she would rather get down on the floor and play with cars than with dolls. Why, because she much prefers to watch football and baseball then dance or gymnastics.
I can remember my mom saying ďI have one boy, one girl, and one tomboy.Ē This was her answer when people asked her about her children. I often wondered why she would say this. I had a sister and a brother that would make it one boy and two girls. Wouldnít it? It took me a little while to figure out that I was the tomboy. What is my definition of tomboy? That would be me.