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Endurance by Alfred Lancing was the greatest survival story that I have ever read. As I was reading this book many things appealed to me, like all of the amazing stories and adventures they had. I for one would never want to go through with that. All those things were very interesting to me, but the thing that made this book so great in the end was that no one died on the expedition. They were able to overcome their trials and that is why they progressed and made it through. The leadership skill that Shackleton possessed was not something that you are born with. I feel that he was such a great leader in this situation because of how he chose to live his life and his attitude that he had.
When He set out on his adventure to be the first to cross the entire Antarctic he never dreamed that he would have to endure all those trials. His boat got frozen in the ice long before he ever thought it would and they remained far short of their final destination. They had to go 800 more miles to reach a point where they were rescued. They had to cross through the worst waters in the Atlantic. What is so important in this book was how it portrayed Shackleton's leadership. That is what kept this crew alive. He was able to adapt himself to his situation so that he could overcome his trials. The two most amazing things I think he did was first, when he separated the boats and second, when they went sliding down the glacier. His leadership was so perfect because every time his bravery was tested he passed with flying colors. That is true leadership.
This was a great book to me because as I read it I wanted to be there with them and help them on their journey. I wanted to go back and help them to be better prepared, but most of all I wanted to meet Shackleton. I wanted to be a part of his crew and learn from him first hand. He was the type of person that I sometimes aspire to be. He was able to leave his men and to accomplish so much to get a rescue team together and save his men. He felt that responsibility, and he wasn't going to quit until he saved them all. I learned a lot about myself as I read this book. It helped me to see some things in my life that I need to change to be a better person and a better leader.