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Malayalam Essay
Malayalam Essay
Kerala Through A Malayalam Essay

A Malayalam essay would be a routine writing assignment for a local in the Southern state of Kerala in India. It would, however, take a bit of time for language-study students trying to write an essay on the culture or beauty of Kerala, fondly called God’s own country. The language is widely spoken among people from the state who have spread across to other countries. Being the most literate state in India for many years running, the local population takes great pride in reading the local newspaper in the language. If a student wants to write an essay on Malayalam, it would be best to write a narrative essay heard from a local. The essay would make interesting reading related to Kerala and its people. A language exchange program would also help in writing a popular culture essay through the use of cultural immersion and multimedia.
A Brief History Of The Language

Malayalam originated from the Tamil language in the early 6th century and is one of the four major languages in South India. It is the official language spoken in Kerala and the Union territories of Mahe and Lakshadweep. A Malayalam essay on how the language spread would reveal that roots of the people of Kerala are very strong. Wherever they have spread, they have contributed towards the place without losing touch with other people from the state through the language. It has also evolved and spread the message about the culture of Kerala worldwide. Students have a chance to write a literature essay or submit coursework based on Malayalam texts, coverage in newspaper articles and magazines. Historical detailing would inform readers about the rich heritage of Kerala.
Spreading Culture Through Tourism

The backwaters of Kerala draw tourists from across the globe. It has been the venue of the famous snake boat races which signify the excellent team spirit and liveliness among the people. Races are held between August and September to celebrate the harvest festival of Onam. The actual boat race is a spectacle to watch. The boats could be as long as 120 to 140 feet with four leaders at the helm, 25 singers producing the synchronized rhythm based on the song sung by local boatman called Vanchipattu, and 100 to 125 oarsmen. The races have different myths and old charm attached to them, and tourists line the banks of the backwaters clicking away pictures and filming the largest team sport in the world. Some of the important races include Champakulam Moolam Boat Race, Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Aranmula Uthrattadi Vallamkali, and Payippad Jalotsavam.
Literacy And Other Attributes

The state of Kerala was a “totally literate state” on April 8, 1991. The strong initiative taken to eradicate illiteracy in the state was unique as it also involved linguistic minorities in districts adjacent to Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Adult and non-formal activities in the field of education started way back in 1945 when P.N. Panicker started with 47 rural libraries and later brought 6,000 libraries into this network. A Malayalam essay would establish that the language is widely understood if not spoken in other parts of India due to its literacy drive and other cultural initiatives.

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