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Oliver Twist Essay
Oliver Twist Essay
Finding Drama In An Oliver Twist Essay

An Oliver Twist essay based on a novel with the same name was written in 1838 by Charles Dickens. The drama begins when Oliver Twist, an orphan, escaping to London and joining a gang of pickpockets. The story presents a very sorry picture of the conditions orphan children live in. Child labor was quite common at the time. Those who were bold enough to escape labor joined gangs and indulged in petty crimes. Oliver Twist opened up several debates that led to people feeling sorry for the deplorable conditions under which children worked. The book became so popular that a drama essay could be written on the various film and television adaptations as well as the musical play.

Oliver Twist is born an orphan and lives with Mrs. Mann for the first eight years of his life. He is born in poverty and enjoys very little comfort along with others like him. Mr. Bumble, who is responsible for the children, puts Oliver to work in the workhouse where his mother before him had worked. The totally undernourished children decide to draw lots. The one who loses would ask Mr. Bumble for more food. Unfortunately, Oliver loses and asks Mr. Bumble for more food. The administration decides to take action against Oliver in order to avoid a revolt. After several failed attempts to relocate him, Oliver is finally left under the care of Mr. Sowerberry who lives with his wife and nephew. Mr. Sowerberry likes Oliver and starts to treat him well. Mrs. Sowerberry and a nephew trap Oliver and provoke him into anger. A fight ensues and he is overpowered. The Oliver Twist essay should focus on the sensitive scene where for the first time in his life, Oliver breaks down and weeps. Unable to bear the humiliation and ill-treatment any longer, he escapes to London.

Oliver’s innocence leads him to seek help from the Artful Dodger who entices him to join a gang of pickpockets working for Fagin. For some time he is convinced the boys make handkerchiefs and purses for a living till one day he sees the Artful Dodger and Charles Bates pick Mr. Brownlow’s pocket. The other boys escape, but Oliver is caught. Mr. Brownlow is not convinced that Oliver could rob somebody. Luckily, a witness clears Oliver of the crime who then goes to live with Mr. Brownlow. Fagin is restless fearing Oliver might expose the gang and plans to bring him back. Nancy and her lover Bill Sikes help get him back. All along, Fagin wanted to lure Oliver into committing a crime. He forces him to participate in a burglary with Fagin. The burglary fails. While the others escape, Oliver is shot. Again, good fortune comes his way. He is nursed back to health by Rose Maylie, who lives with her aunt Mrs. Maylie.

Crime does not pay. It can be reflected in the literature essay. Fagin is sentenced to hang. Bill dies trying to escape the law. The story ends well for Oliver who is reunited with Mr. Brownlow. He is not really an orphan any longer. Mrs. Maylie turns out to be his aunt. A well-written Oliver Twist essay can truly bring the drama to life.

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