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Turabian Format Papers
Turabian Format Papers
Those paper writers and essay writers who want to know about the Turabian format papers, must know first of all how the in-text citation is given in Turabian format papers because in-text citation is the most important part of assignments and courseworks such as essays, case studies, term papers, research papers, dissertations, thesis, reviews, reports and other educational writings that are assigned to students by the teachers, instructors, lecturers and professors.

Without proper in-text citation and references, your academic papers and essays that you submit to your teachers will be called plagiarized and your teachers will consider you guilty of academic dishonesty as you will be using other authors’ writings without acknowledging them. For giving appropriate in-text citation, you should follow the standard methods of in-text citation.

For Turabian format papers, the in-text citation will be as:
1. Quotations can be used in two ways in Turabian style papers. Firstly, you can use quotations in the same words of author and secondly, you can employ the quotation by paraphrasing it in your own words. For direct quotations in which the author’s words are used, you have to close the quotation in inverted commas while paraphrased quotations are given without any commas.

2. For in-text citations in Turabian format papers, you should have to use brackets.

3. The brackets will contain the information related to the writer of the quote.

4. In the brackets, first of all, the writer’s last name is given, after the name, the year of publication is given and in the last the page number is given which contains the information quoted in the Turabian papers.

5. If the writers are two, you will use and between their last names and the remaining instructions are as such. If the writers are more than two, you will write the last name of senior writer and use ‘and others’ and for other details the above mentioned details will be followed.

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