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An Example of an APA Outline paper
An Example of an APA Outline paper
Apa Outline as A Guideline

Writing an academic essay in the APA format means, writing the paper in the style developed and adopted by the American Psychological Association. This formatting is used mainly in scientific and technology related research papers. The basic difference in an APA paper with the other essay formats like the MLA / Harvard or the Chicago, lies in the pattern of in-text citation and referencing pattern. Given below is an example of an essay in an APA outline.

There should be a header in the paper which will give a short heading and the page number on the flush right hand side of the header. The essay should be entirely computer generated, unless otherwise specified, on a white paper of 8.5 inches x 11 inches and printed on only one side. There should be gap of one inch on all sides of the written essay and the format used is generally the Arial or the New Times Roman with a font size of 10-12.

The title should be aligned at the center of the page: Theories and Connection between Human Relations and Motivation

The essay should start after the title in the form of a new paragraph. The first line of the paragraph should be indented 5 spaces. For in-text citation, an APA outline essay should be formatted in the given manner:

Motivator-Hygiene theory which says that “the Intrinsic motivations (‘Motivators’) are the ones which give positive satisfaction whereas the Extrinsic Motivators are the ones which are ‘Hygiene’ factors i.e their absence leads to de-motivation (ACCEL team development, 2008).

Here note that APA format asks for the name of the writer and the date of publication to be written within parentheses. If date is not available then write n.d. in place of the date, as for example,

Jim Rohn (n.d.) once said “Humans have the remarkable ability to get exactly what they must have. But there …”.

For the reference page the formatting should be like this,

ACCEL Team Development. (2008). Human Relations Contributors. Retrieved on 12 February, 2009, from


For no date available it should be,

Rohn, Jim.(n.d.). Motivation. Retrieved on 12 February, 2009, from


For a book the reference should be,

Regester, M and Larkin, J. (2008). Risk Issues and Crisis Management in Public Relations.
London: Kogan Page Publishers.

For a journal the referencing should be,

Granstrom G, Jacobsson M, Tjellstrom A. (1992). Titanium implants in irradiated tissue: benefits from
hyperbaric oxygen. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants. 7:15-25.

An apa outline paper will have all the basic things that one looks for in a good research paper. It should be well researched, well organised and well written, in a logical and comprehensive manner. All direct quotations should be correctly referenced according to the correct APA format. There are many essay samples written in the APA format that are readily available online. Check them out to getter a better understanding of the correct citation pattern followed by the APA school of formatting. If you place an order at MasterPapers.com the expert essay writers will make sure that you get a premium quality paper with any essay format that you ask for.

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