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Medical Marijuana Essay
Medical Marijuana Essay
Medical school studying deals with many issues. Due to great choice of subjects and many requirements students should be ready to answer any king of question related to medical issues and to defend his/her point of view. Marijuana is an extremely controversial issue. There are many arguments for and against this herb. Medicine in particular is extremely interested in usage of marijuana for curing, experimenting and studying purposes. However, the government is against legalization of marijuana as it is a type of drugs. The issue requires special attention and that is why, medical marijuana essays are key essays which students of medical schools have to deal with.

Before writing medical marijuana essay a student needs to get prepared. It is not enough just to have some point of view. Reasonable answer to a properly asked question will help not only to express point of view but also to achieve the necessary goal. There are two stages of medical marijuana essay writing. The first one deals with investigation of the subject itself and the second one is organizing of writing.

This process is not just search for the information, but a profound studying of the subject from the basics. Medical aspect is very important. Due to the fact that there are two points of view for and against legalization try to choose one side and to support it. Ideally it is best to be objective.

Key points:
1.Marijuana is a drug which makes people addicted and kills them
2.Marijuana is used for many medical conditions
3.It is poorly studied due to numerous restrictions for usage

There may be many other key points. Everything depends in your attitude to the issue and your point of view. However, to state the main ideas is not enough. Now your task is to find real evidences which will prove your opinion. It requires careful study of the scientific reports. Look for the experiments and other data related to the usage of marijuana. If you support legalization of the herb, find events when people suffered because of the restrictions in usage and vice verse.
Writing Organizing

Academic essay writing has many requirements and each student should meet them. Depending on the length of the essay you may either choose a five paragraphs essay or any other structure. Nevertheless stick to the main principles of successful essay writing:
effective and catching opening
strong main thesis
supportive first argument
weaker second argument
strong last argument
excellent ending

Language and structure are very important as it is the main determinants of your essay success.
Medical marijuana essays should deliver some message and your task is to help write it skillfully and effectively.

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