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5 Paragraph Essay: How to Write It Effectively?
5 Paragraph Essay: How to Write It Effectively?
5 paragraph essay aims to judge the basic writing skills of students. Students are given such type of essay assignment frequently. This type of essay is easy to write once if the students understand the required format and rules for writing assignments. Moreover students can write this type of essays successfully and effectively through enough practice.

When writing 5 paragraph essays, students need to make a thorough research to collect the necessary information related to the essay topic. Students, who struggle to write the essay, can get idea from sample essays.

5 paragraph essay: Structure

A 5 paragraph essay must be written following the given structure:

* The first paragraph must be a well presented introduction. This paragraph must include a general topic sentence and three sub-topic sentences.
* The next three paragraphs must be supporting paragraphs. Each supporting paragraph should elucidate one sub-topic sentence scrupulously.
* The last paragraph must be the conclusion.

5 paragraph essay: Make it effective

Students can consider the following tips to write effective 5 paragraph essay:

* The essay must be written in the required structure, organization, format and style.
* The essay must be in written without any spelling and grammatical errors.
* The essay must be organized properly, and presented well.
* The essay must be written in active voice.
* Each paragraph of the essay must flow smoothly.
* The supporting paragraphs can include examples and evidences supporting the sub-topic sentence being focused.
* The essay must be written interestingly and effectively.

5 paragraph essays are easy to write if the students develop their essay writing skill. The above tips help students to write their 5 paragraph essay effectively and successfully.

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