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Reaction Essay: How to Be Formal, Consistent, and Creative
Reaction Essay: How to Be Formal, Consistent, and Creative
Reaction essay has a range of titles: response essay, reaction paper etc. However, regardless of the title, it has the definite aim, which is giving a reader the idea about how a writer feels about a subject. The essence of the reaction essays determines peculiarities of writing, which are considered in this article.


As a rule, the reaction essay is devoted to a movie, a work of literature, or an event. Unlike the research paper, it is more focused on the author’s ideas and emotions about the subject. Your reaction essay should answer the following questions:

* How do you feel about the subject?
* What ideas you support?
* What ideas you disagree?
* Is the subject relevant to your personal experience?
* What general evaluation can you give to the subject? etc.

Reaction Essay Structure

Despite you may be as creative as you want in your reaction essay, it is convenient to follow the structure below:

1. Summary: describe the subject briefly and with no plagiarism
2. Critique: describe strengths and weaknesses of the subject, objectiveness of information etc.
3. Meaning: formulate briefly the main idea of the subject
4. Reaction: express your emotions and ideas about the subject
5. Application: explain how the subject is relevant to your experience


A reaction essay has dual essence: on the one hand, it reflects a writer’s own ideas; on the other hand, it is a formal paper. Consider both aspects when choosing the writing style for your reaction essay:

1. It is inappropriate to use any colloquialisms
2. Formulate your opinion properly, avoid abrupt and offensive phrasing
3. Reaction essay allows using such expressions as “I think”, “In my opinion” etc.
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