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Writing Scientific Reports: Helpful Prompts for Students
Writing Scientific Reports: Helpful Prompts for Students
Have you had an experience of writing scientific reports? If you have not, you should be ready to start leaning the basics of report writing. But in case you have, you are aware of the hardships you should overcome to submit a brilliant piece of work. Like any other type of scientific papers, scientific report writing should be carried out in accordance with certain rules. In this regard, it is necessary to define the function and structure of scientific report writing.

What are the main functions of scientific report writing?

Before students proceed with writing scientific reports, they should know that the main goal of this work consists in articulating the results obtained from the experience. The procedure of writing scientific reports also provides you with a feasible practice in presenting the theoretical and empirical grounds and interpreting the outcomes of an experiment. Here is the list of functions of a scientific report:

1. Explicit discussion of empirical and theoretical achievements.
2. Recognition and study of the research limitations.
3. Specification of results
4. Clear presentation of methodology

Observing the structure when writing scientific reports:

Unlike other forms of scientific papers, writing scientific reports predetermines the usage of certain components. Taking into considerations disciplinary differences, scientific report writing should fit a particular format that commonly involves:

* Title page
* Abstract
* Introduction and thesis statement
* Methodology
* Discussion of the findings
* Reference page
* Appendices
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