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Evaluative Essays: Easy Steps to Proper Evaluation
Evaluative Essays: Easy Steps to Proper Evaluation
At a glance, writing an evaluative essay might seem easy. All you have to do is evaluate the subject under discussion (a literary work, a movie, a work of art). However, what does evaluation actually mean? Is it just about presenting your opinion about the subject?

While your opinion really matters, it is still not enough for writing a good evaluative essay. This is why we have described several steps one should take to make proper evaluation.

Evaluative essays: step 1

You will have to start with describing the subject under consideration and providing background information about it. There is no need to give too many details, just the most important facts that you think the reader should know.

Evaluative essays: step 2

Now, you have to introduce your judgment or your main assertion. In evaluative essays, it serves as a thesis statement, something that you will prove in the rest of the essay.

Evaluative essays: step 3

Then, you have to come up with arguments and supporting evidences. Arguments will back up your thesis statement and evidences will support your arguments. We should point out that it is better to “take” evidences directly from the subject you are discussing in your evaluative essay. This means that if you are writing about a book, for instance, find some examples, descriptions in it that will prove your words.

Evaluative essays: step 4This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers