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Narration Papers: How to Entertain your Teacher
Narration Papers: How to Entertain your Teacher
We are sure you have already heard something about narration papers and, most probably, you have already prepared this type of essays. Bet you like many other students think that writing a narration essay is pretty simple.

What is the first idea that comes to your mind when you think about a narration essay? “A story!” What associations do you have with stories? “Easy, funny, exciting!”

Exactly! This is what all students think about narration essays. Meanwhile, creating a really fascinating story, a story that will entertain your teacher is not easy at all. At least, if you do not know some tricks of writing narration papers. Let us present them right now.

Understand the purpose

What is the main purpose of writing narration essays? “Telling a story” you may think. While it is so, you should not simply tell a story, but try to “move” a certain event through time.

Choose an event

“My vacations in Disneyland” will actually be a bad idea for your narration essay. Do you know why? It will simply take you too much time to describe the whole vacations. Think of a specific event that was especially memorable.

Make a plan

A good narration essay is a planned essay. To be specific, you have to plan how exactly you will describe the chosen event. When did it happen? Where? What happened?

All stories have…
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