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A Term Paper Title and a Title Page: Things to Keep in Mind
A Term Paper Title and a Title Page: Things to Keep in Mind
How much time do you usually spend on creating your term paper titles? Are you sure your term paper titles are attention-grabbing and make the reader interested in reading your work? If you do not have precise answers to these questions, it may actually mean that you do not know much about term paper titles and some important rules of creating them.

If this is the case, let our professional writers explain you some basic principles of making term paper titles.

A term paper title: functions and rules of its creation

We are sure you know or, at least, realize it, but still want to remind you about the main functions of a term paper title. Basically, a term paper title should:

* grab the readerís attention and call to read your work;
* reflect the main idea of your paper.

By the way, you should not confuse a title of a paper with its topic or the main idea. A title summarizes the main idea in 10-12 words.

Here are some general rules you should know about the creation of term paper titles.

1. You should get down to making a term paper title after the work is written. By this time, you will have a complete understanding of the central idea and will be able to summarize it.
2. Although you will create the final term paper title at the end, it is better to have a working title. You may use it in your term paper outline.
3. Do not forget about sub-titles. It is an effective way to expand the main title and provide several important and catchy details.
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