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8th Grade Essays: Things You Should Learn Doing
8th Grade Essays: Things You Should Learn Doing
Do you want to know how to prepare 8th grade essays? Or, do you have some problems with your grade 8 essays and cannot get what you do wrong? In this article, we want to explain what 8th graders are supposed to do to write good essays.

Follow teacher’s prompts

Very often, 8th grade students cannot disclose topics of their choice in essays (mainly because they say they do not know what to write about). This is why teachers always give prompts for writing eighth grade essays. A prompt is a kind of situation that describes what exactly your eighth grade essay should be about. It explains what you should do, e.g. persuade, explain something, provide a description, and so on. If you stick to your teacher’s prompts, you are on half of the way to good grades on 8th grade essays.

Follow the required structure

By this time, you have already prepared rather a big number of essays and should have grasped what essay structure teachers prefer. Follow this five-paragraph structure, which also gets you closer to A’s on your 8th grade essays.

Avoid typical 8th grade essays mistakes

Eighth graders tend to make several common mistakes:

1. Too much of personal voice in grade 8 essays. Avoid using “I” in your papers, get used to a more formal writing.
2. Lack of examples and evidences.
3. Lack of personal opinion.

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