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Childhood Obesity Essays: SOS, our Children Need Help!
Childhood Obesity Essays: SOS, our Children Need Help!
The problem of childhood obesity is not new in our country. The number of obese and overweight children started increasing in 1990s and it is still going up. Today, more than 15% of American children are obese and 30% are overweight.

So, the problem is serious. How are you going to disclose it in your childhood obesity paper? What specific aspects will you focus on in your child obesity essay? Do you have good suggestions on how the problem can be solved?

By the way, focusing on something specific and narrowing down the scope is what your work on childhood obesity essays should start with. You, certainly, can make some sort of an overview and touch upon several aspects of the problem. For instance, your essay on childhood obesity can be completed according to the following plan:

* Definitions of childhood obesity, some facts, and statistics;
* Causes of the problem;
* Effects, both physical and psychological;
* Solutions to the problem, ways of preventing childhood obesity.

If you have to prepare rather a long essay on childhood obesity, this plan will work. However, if you have a certain word limit, better decide on one or two points to discuss in your childhood obesity essay.

For example, essays on childhood obesity can be devoted to the causes of and solutions to the problem. You can use a bit creative approach and make a kind of question&answer sheet for parents. Among the main causes of the problem, you can mention the following in your essay on childhood obesity:This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers