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George Washington Essays: He Is still a National Hero and Celebrity
George Washington Essays: He Is still a National Hero and Celebrity
If you ask someone who the most famous American President is, George Washington will definitely be mentioned. He is known not only as a man who founded America, but also as a person who managed to guide the country through the most vulnerable years.

But, what else do you know about George Washington? To write an excellent George Washington essay, you definitely need more facts. For instance, do you know answers to these basic questions about George Washington?

1. What was Washington’s attitude to school?
2. What was his first military experience?
3. Did George Washington really want to be a president?
4. Why did Washington refuse to serve the third term as a president?

Actually, answers even to these questions can be a good basis for papers on George Washington.

By the way, before you get down to work, you need to decide what exactly your George Washington essay will be about. It may either be an essay devoted only to Washington’s biography, and here you can check some rules of writing good biography essays. Or, your paper can be devoted to some specific achievements or events from the life of the first American President.

Here are several pointers for those writing papers on George Washington.

The first presidential term

Washington became the first President of the United States on April 30, 1789. Tell in your George Washington essay what his first steps were, how he appointed his cabinet, how he managed to make the country prosper although it was divided. In other words, you can evaluate the overall success of the first President in your George Washington essay.

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