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Religious Essays: Free Writing Prompts and Ideas
Religious Essays: Free Writing Prompts and Ideas
You know, even for religious students writing religious essays might be tricky, because it is a broad and multifaceted topic. Thus, you should not panic if at the moment you feel stumped with your religious essay.

Probably, you have already spent several hours trying to come up with a good religious topic idea for your paper. Yet, we should say that topics for religious papers might be related not directly to religion but simply viewed from a religious standpoint.

For instance, such controversial issues as abortion, sexual orientation, capital punishment, euthanasia, and others can be discussed from a religious point of view. Certainly, covering such topics in religious essays is easier, because you will be able to find materials written in a simple, non-religious language.

There is another important aspect of religious papers one should keep in mind. Religion is closely connected with History, Philosophy, and Sociology. This means that there are quite a number of ways to view religious topics and write religious essays.

Let us present you several examples of how to write religious essays from different perspectives.

Religion and History

Are you not that good at religion but know a lot about history? Your chances to get an A on your religious essay are rather high. Write about religious wars in history, their impact on different countries.

Religion and Philosophy

What do philosophers say about the sense of life? And what do religious people say about it? Do these two positions coincide? These are some of the questions you may answer in your religious essay.

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