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MBA School Essays: How Not to Fail Them
MBA School Essays: How Not to Fail Them
We are sure you do not want to fail your MBA school essay. We are sure you are trying to develop some strategies that will make your MBA school essay stand out.

If you do not have a good plan for writing, let us explain you how to prepare effective MBA school essays. First, let us say a few words about the adcomís expectations.

It is a common myth that admission officers look for high test scores and grades. First of all, they are interested in people who possess good leadership and communication skills, who have strong personal traits, initiative, and so on. MBA school essays are a chance for the adcom to check whether applicants possess these features.

Now, let us talk about strategies for writing MBA school essays that will give admission officers what they need.

Why MBA? Why this school X?

These are standard questions to be answered in MBA school essays. They are designed to check your motivation and strong intentions to complete this MBA program. To answer questions properly, you should:

* Check yourself and your true reasons for applying to the program.
* Check what you know about this school X that you want to be enrolled in. What makes it different from other schools and makes you want to enter this particular school?

Your failures and mistakes
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