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Brief Essays: Things You Need to Keep in Mind
Brief Essays: Things You Need to Keep in Mind
We should tell you straight away that a brief essay is not a typical school or college assignment. Teachers ask to prepare brief essays to check students’ writing skills and styles or their understanding of specific topics, etc.

Another situation when you might need to write a brief essay is an application for scholarship. Usually, they ask something like “Write a brief essay explaining your interest in history/your choice of the research field, etc”.

So, exactly because of such cases, you need to know the main rules of writing brief essays, and we are ready to explain them.

How long are brief essays?

What do they mean under “brief”? Certainly, this is one of the main questions students have.

Well, some teachers say that a brief essay should be 1,5-2 pages long. Others say that it can be up to 3 pages long. Probably, the number of pages is up to you. But, a brief essay should not be less than 500 words long. It can be even longer (700-1000 words).

If you need more details, check our article about two-page essays.

How should a brief essay be formatted?

Do not hesitate and use a standard 5-paragraph structure in your brief essays, unless other format is specified by your teacher. Each paragraph should be 5-7 sentences long, but not more than 10 sentences.

As a rule, students make short introductory and concluding paragraphs in brief essays and longer body paragraphs.

What should never be missed in a brief essay?
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