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Essays on Africa: How to Amaze a Teacher
Essays on Africa: How to Amaze a Teacher
If a teacher has not specified the subject of essays on Africa, he/she gives you the right to choose from a great variety of issues.

This means that you can find something really striking to write about and prepare an amazing essay on Africa.

Only imagine. All your peers will not go beyond some typical Africa-related topics. Their Africa essays will most probably be devoted to the following:

* Poverty and hunger in Africa;
* Genocide in Africa (Darfur);
* Historical issues like apartheid or Diamond Wars.

Hardly will essays on Africa like that amaze your teacher. This is why we offer you another plan for completing the essay on Africa.

Many people have almost no idea of what is happening on the continent these days. Problems and topics reported by news channels are always the same.

When writing your essay on Africa, you can make a kind of regional overview. Tell about one or several regions in Africa, provide background info, and discuss current affairs that are going on there.

Here are a couple of hints for your essay on Africa

Essays on Africa: The Great Lakes

The Great Lakes is one of the eight African regions. It is one of the largest water systems on the planet. The region consists of 15 lakes, each one with its own ecosystem.

Discuss in your essay on Africa any current problem in the Great Lakes region.

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