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Papers on Unemployment: Different Writing Options
Papers on Unemployment: Different Writing Options
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in August 2009, the number of unemployed people increased up to 14.9 million and reached the point of 9.7 percent.

As you can see, the problem remains acute, which is why writing papers on unemployment will be useful and interesting. You have a chance to trace unemployment rate in your country and, probably, make some predictions for the future, when you will be looking for a job.

Anyway, now you have to focus on your unemployment paper and think how to complete it. In fact, there are a lot of aspects you can discuss in your paper on unemployment, starting from theoretical to practical ones. Here are more specific pointers for you.

Papers on unemployment: theory

Discussing theoretical issues in your paper on unemployment is quite a good idea. After all, everything starts with theory. Yet, better find relevant real-life examples to illustrate the chosen issue.

So, your essay on unemployment can be devoted to the following:

* Keynesian unemployment;
* Frictional unemployment;
* Structural unemployment;
* Seasonal unemployment.

Papers on unemployment: analysis

Your essay unemployment can be based on several articles related to the topic. For instance, you can check the Time magazine (www.time.com). You will definitely find a lot of interesting articles about unemployment there. Read two or three articles, analyze them, and answer the following questions in your essay on unemployment:

* Who faces the problem of unemployment these days? People of what age, race, gender?
* What measures are taken to reduce unemployment?
* What is the government doing to solve the problem and help unemployed people?
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