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Short Descriptive Essays: Writing Secrets
Short Descriptive Essays: Writing Secrets
Are you puzzled because of your task to prepare a short descriptive essay? Do you have no idea where to start?

Well, you can start with this article that presents some basic secrets of writing short descriptive essays. Actually, your task is not that complicated, but some peculiarities of preparing effective short descriptive essays should definitely be mentioned.

Size of short descriptive essays

Bet this is the first question you have about short descriptive essays. How long should your paper actually be?

Well, it depends mostly on the preferences of your teacher. As far as we know, teachers ask to make two-paragraph essays, which is about one page long. Yet, we recommend to ask your teacher about his/her specific requirements.

Ideas for short descriptive essays

Coming up with a good idea for your short descriptive essay can be one of the biggest challenges for you. Actually, you can describe whatever you like, e.g.:

* an object;
* a place;
* an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend;
* an enemy, etc.

Just make sure that you are really interested in the chosen topic.

Peculiarities of short descriptive essays

One of the most disturbing questions that you might have is “How to make my essay short?” or “How to stick to the required word limit?”

Any descriptive essay, no matter whether it is long or short, is about descriptions that usually take quite a lot of space.
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