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IGCE Coursework
IGCE Coursework
IGCE is International General Certificate of Education. It was created and developed by University of Cambridge International Examinations.

IGCE is normally taken by 14 or 16-years-old high school students. It is necessary for further academic work, such as A and AS-level studies, for instance. IGCE may be taken even by foreign speakers. It helps to develop language skills.

IGCE coursework does not differ a lot from any other coursework. However, there are some special features of IGCE coursework, which we shall reveal to you, and give some tips on writing this kind of paper.

IGCE coursework special features

* Coursework on IGCE normally consists of the following parts: Introduction, Aims and Goals of coursework, Content, Body, and Grade Description.
* You have to choose a topic for your IGCE coursework from a list of topics your teacher gives you.
* You will have to gather information on your IGCE coursework topic, and create an outline of it without your teacherís help.
* You may consult your teacher only after finishing the draft writing. Your coursework advisor may help you correct your mistakes, if there are any.

IGCE coursework writing tips

* You should study attentively a lot of material on your IGCE coursework topic.
* You should take notes while studying the material.
* You had better created an outline of your coursework on IGCE. It will be very helpful for further work.
* Do not be too lazy to edit your coursework several times; this may appear to be necessary.
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