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Last Minute Essays: Come to Think about This
Last Minute Essays: Come to Think about This
It is 5 a.m. and you are still up! Bet you did not even think of completing your essay in advance, put it off till the last minute, and it is due today.

Well, most likely we will not be able to help you complete this particular paper, and you will have to struggle with it on your own. However, we can help you learn how to avoid such situations. So, let us explain you something about last minute essays.

Why do so many students fall into the trap of last minute essays?

Procrastination is a common problem of the great majority of today’s students. So, you may rejoice, at least you are not the only one who writes last minute essays. BUT why do you put off completing your papers?

The main reason is the lack of motivation. So, if you want to put an end to last minute essays, think why essays might be important to you.

Last minute essays – are they really so bad?

Believe it or not, but last minute essays are not only about negative aspects. We know at least one good thing about them. The point is that some students feel the necessity of working under pressure. The feeling of urgency helps them complete tasks successfully. If this is your case, probably you should take last minute essays easy.

Several pieces of advice

If you still think that last minute essays are not for you, try to follow some simple rules:

* Plan your work or make some sort of schedule;
* Try to work every day, at least for 30 minutes;
* Shift activities, e.g. work on your essay and then watch TV;
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