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Promotion Essays: Two Perspectives on the Topic
Promotion Essays: Two Perspectives on the Topic
It seems you are a bit confused because of your promotion paper, particularly, because the task is not specified. Well, we agree that it is a good reason for being puzzled. Promotion can be associated with different things. Sure, it is hard to guess what your teacher is waiting to see in your promotion essay.

Anyway, let us try to do it. There are two perspectives on promotion. You can write your promotion essay using one of them.

Health promotion essays

Do you agree that health is one of the major motivations for people to work and develop personally? Then writing a health promotion essay is a good way out for you.

Tell why health promotion is important and discuss its main principles. The following documents can be used for writing your health promotion essay:

* Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion;
* Jakarta Declaration;
* Bangkok Charter for Health Promotion in the Globalised World.

Visit the official website of the World Health Organization. There you will find valuable and reliable information needed for completing health promotion papers.

Advertising and promotion essays

If business is what really interests you, think of considering advertising and its techniques in your promotion essay.

Advertising helps people sell goods and services and buy them. Without advertising, we would have no idea of new products and services. So, choose any specific issue within this field and cover it in your promotion essay. It can be something like “Starting a small business and choosing the ways to promote it”.
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